Our Philosophy

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Core Values


Contrary to marketing gimmickry employed by lawyers on tv and billboards - bigger is not better when it comes to the law firm handling your personal injury case. Every law firm must choose whether it will devote its resources and attention to more cases or to fewer cases. We chose quality over quantity at our firm's inception. Rather than employing "case managers" to batch process a large volume of cases in a cost-effective manner, our firm places each case in the hands of an experienced lawyer. Our clients can count on the care, skill and attention to detail of an award-winning lawyer when it comes to handling of his or her case.

Guiding Principles 

We practice an aggressive, proactive brand of law. Your case will be fresh on our mind until its conclusion. Regardless of where your case stands, you can rest assured knowing that your communication line with us is always open. We believe in honest and transparent communication about the status and success of your case.

Whether it be a life changing injury or the unnecessary death of a loved one, our objective remains the same: to leave you in the best position possible, ready to move forward with your life.